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Happy 10th Anniversary, Cosmic Child!

My debut album ‘Cosmic Child’ is officially 10 years old today! Thank you so much to Freddy Fresh for putting it out on his Howlin’ Records label, and to everybody who supported this record (and my other releases) over the years - it’s more chilled/Trip-Hop and instrumental, and we got terrific reviews worldwide on it’s release. The tracks have been used as background music on airlines, and in large stores among other places. You can buy the CD right here (yes, it was an actual physical release) right here on Amazon ( and if you want it digita

FREE DOWNLOAD - Maze (Unreleased track from the Cosmic Child sessions)

FREE DOWNLOAD - Hi People. As some of you may know, my debut album ‘Cosmic Child’ is now 10 years old this weekend! It was more in the Chillout/Acid Jazz/Trip-Hop vein, and received amazing reviews. To celebrate, here is a track I did as part of the Cosmic Child sessions all those years ago back in 2007 called ‘Maze’ - It’s one that was never released, and it’s quite a bit different from what I do today, but I hope you enjoy it, as I had a lot of fun making the album. Thanks to Freddy Fresh for making it happen - it was such a great feeling to walk into HMV at the time, and see my CD on the shelves. (

Rory returns to Deershed Festival this July!

I am absolutely delighted to announce that this coming July 20th - I will be returning to the amazing Deershed Festival. ( sharing the bill with amazing acts such as Goldfrapp, Gaz Coombes (ex-Supergrass), Drenge and many more. Get your tickets right here, but be warned, they always sell out fast! (

10 Years of Rory Hoy!

I cannot believe it’s been 10 years since I “officially” started my humble music career on a professional level, with my debut album ‘Cosmic Child’ on Freddy Fresh’s Howlin’ Records in March 2008. Since then, my music career has taken me to many places including releasing 6 acclaimed albums, countless EP’s, Singles, Collaborations and Remix work, as well as getting praise from some of the biggest people in the business, not to mention doing some big gigs as a DJ. To celebrate the first 10 years of my music career, here is a little retrospective DJ mix aptly titled ’10 Years of Rory Hoy’ that I wanted to share with all you lovely people out there, featuring some of my tracks, that have proved

In Memoriam - Jim Bowen

Two years ago, I had the honour of chatting on the phone with the late, great Jim Bowen. It was a lot of fun reminiscing about his most famous role - the presenter of the wonderfully crap TV game show, ‘Bullseye’. He has driven a speedboat into the great big dartboard in the sky, and is now reprising his role up there with guests Ken Dodd and Stephen Hawking - thank you so much for many ‘super smashing great’ years of fun and laugher and remember - you can’t beat a bit of bully!

Here is 'The Twelve Months of Rory Hoy - Episode March'

Happy New Month lovely people - Hope you’ve been enjoying the snow (or not!) Anyway, here’s Episode March of my monthly podcast series ‘The Twelve Months of Rory Hoy’ - Expect a diverse mixture of Big Beat, Hip-Hop, House, Disco, Jazz-Funk, and whatever’s lying in the crates. Happy listening! (

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NEW SINGLE 'Everybody's Goin'' feat. Ashley Slater OUT ON CHINCHIN RECORDS

About Rory

Rory Hoy is a multi award-winning Music Producer/DJ and Film Maker from the United Kingdom. His music career has seen him producing 7 critically acclaimed albums and numerous EP’s, Singles, Remixes and Collaborations with other artists worldwide on various worldwide labels. Rory covers many genres including House, Funk, HIp-Hop, Big Beat, Breaks, Chillout and many more. He has also produced tracks for Film, TV and Adverts including tracks for Disney, Sony BET TV, Fox TV, Audi, Costco and the Tour De France Documentary.

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