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"Only people with autism truly know what it’s like to be autistic - and even then, every autistic individual is unique!"


- Rory Hoy -

‘Autism & Me’ is a film Rory  made in 2006 before his DJ career began, which is now released worldwide on DVD together with a booklet he’s written through Jessica Kingsley Publishers It provides a privileged glimpse into his world, letting us take a journey through his everyday experience and see it through his eyes.

In easy accessible terms, Rory explains what having autism means for everyday functioning: what it’s like, for instance, not to have the natural inclination to respond when someone calls your name, or someone waves at you; what it’s like to take someone literally when they have actually used a figure of speech. He describes the confusion caused by high noise levels, crowded environments and even by his own emotions and physical sensations, as well as the security and comfort found in routines, forward planning and having thoughtful, calm and loving people around him.

Rory’s engaging, insightful and light-hearted film and booklet has proved to be invaluable to people with autism, their friends and family and to professionals working with them. It is used widely in schools and educational establishments and Rory himself goes into places where they show his film to do ‘Question & Answer’ sessions and talk about his autism.

As you will see from his Bio, Rory has come on an amazing journey from the early days, achieving more in a few years that most  do in a lifetime, and it is no wonder that people call him ‘ a true inspiration’ and a ‘trailblazer’.

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