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Time for Another Literal House Party!

Here’s a follow up to my ‘Literal House Party’ DJ Video Mix earlier in the year called ‘Another Literal House Party’. It’s an audiovisual extravaganza, where I mix everything from Big Beat to House to Techno to Funk/Soul etc combined with gig footage, trippy, psychedelic visuals for the ultimate dancing in the kitchen experience + you get to hear a new song from myself - I hope you all enjoy it! Tracklisting Chic- Everybody Dance (Zimmer Rework) (Rory Hoy Re-Edit) Rory Hoy - Yeah Eats Everything - Honey Cavi - F The Disco HP Vince - Freak In My Pants Da Hool - Meet Her at the Love Parade (A-DUFF Unfazed Remix) The Darrow Chem

Recap last weekend's episode of 'The Twelve Months Of Rory Hoy'!

If you’ve missed it, here is the latest episode of ‘The Twelve Months of Rory Hoy’ again for Harrogate Community Radio, with this month’s titled ‘Episode Recap’ featuring some of my favourite records released over the past few months. I hope you all enjoy it! (

Relive Rory's set at Deershed Base Camp last July!

One of the very few socially distanced events in the UK took place a couple of weeks ago in the form of Deershed Base Camp, to replace their legendary annual festival. I was fortunate enough to be invited to perform a rare 2020 DJ appearance, and here is my Sunday evening set in it’s entirety. Big ups to all involved in making this happen so successfully, and see you all for the Deershed Festival next year! (

'Baby Likes It Phat' is 10 Years Old Today!

Hi people - I’m pleased to announce that my third album ‘Baby Likes It Phat’ celebrates it’s 10th anniversary today! Released on Freddy Fresh’s Howlin’ Records USA, this album contained the Big Beat banger of the same name (as featured in the Sony BET TV series ‘After Hours’), as well as featuring collaborations with turntablist DJ Angelo, US Rapper The Conductor Crucified, UK Singer Naomi and Tom & Gerry - I had real fun making this album back in the day, and here’s the link ( PS: If you need a funky DJ for Socially Distanced music events in the North of England later in the year, you know where to find me!

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NEW SINGLE 'Everybody's Goin'' feat. Ashley Slater OUT ON CHINCHIN RECORDS

About Rory

Rory Hoy is a multi award-winning Music Producer/DJ and Film Maker from the United Kingdom. His music career has seen him producing 7 critically acclaimed albums and numerous EP’s, Singles, Remixes and Collaborations with other artists worldwide on various worldwide labels. Rory covers many genres including House, Funk, HIp-Hop, Big Beat, Breaks, Chillout and many more. He has also produced tracks for Film, TV and Adverts including tracks for Disney, Sony BET TV, Fox TV, Audi, Costco and the Tour De France Documentary.

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