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FREE DOWNLOAD - Collaborations with RamSkank

Here are two collaborations I did with fellow Big Beat producer, RamSkank available as a free download on Soundcloud - ’98.6 (Hardcore Style)’ and ’20 Years’. I hope you enjoy them! 98.6 (Hardcore Style) 20 Years

Rory Hoy's 100 Tunes For Henshaws Hundreds

This is a very special DJ Mix of 100 tracks for Henshaws Hundreds. Hope you will enjoy it, and bop around the kitchen! Please donate here however small - Henshaws is an award-winning charity, and is one of the oldest in the UK (celebrating 180 years in 2017) with hubs in Manchester, Salford, Oldham, Liverpool, Newcastle, a college in Harrogate and Arts and Crafts Centre in my home town of Knaresborough. They support people, living with sight loss and other disabilities to achieve their ambitions and go beyond expectations. Your s

The Twelve Months Of Rory Hoy - Episode Rap

If you’ve missed it, here is the latest episode of ‘The Twelve Months of Rory Hoy’ again for Harrogate Community Radio, with this month’s titled ‘Episode Rap’, which focused on my favourite tunes in the Hip-Hop and Rap genres featuring some dope beats and lyrics. I hope you all enjoy it! (

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NEW SINGLE 'Everybody's Goin'' feat. Ashley Slater OUT ON CHINCHIN RECORDS

About Rory

Rory Hoy is a multi award-winning Music Producer/DJ and Film Maker from the United Kingdom. His music career has seen him producing 7 critically acclaimed albums and numerous EP’s, Singles, Remixes and Collaborations with other artists worldwide on various worldwide labels. Rory covers many genres including House, Funk, HIp-Hop, Big Beat, Breaks, Chillout and many more. He has also produced tracks for Film, TV and Adverts including tracks for Disney, Sony BET TV, Fox TV, Audi, Costco and the Tour De France Documentary.

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