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Upcoming releases from Rory Hoy

June is going to be a massive month for new releases from myself - get ready for . . . .

SIR VERE - EXTRA BEAT IN MY HEART (RORY HOY REMIX) - Promotional release for our album ‘Orbital Rocktronics Part 1’ - really fun Big Beat tune in collaboration with fantastic Milton Keynes band, Sir-Vere. Out June 7th on WorldSound Recordings, a sub-label of Virgin.

SIR VERE & RORY HOY - ORBITAL ROCKTRONICS PART 1 - New studio album in collaboration with Sir-Vere. It’s been a long time coming, and if you love Prodigy-esque Big Beat, you will NOT be disappointed! Out June 14th on WorldSound Recordings

LET GO! (FEAT. CATHERINE RANNUS) - Banging saxophone lead House single in collaboration with Catherine Rannus. This one has been going down really well at the festivals this year! Out June 21st on Division Bass Digital based in Bristol. 

Really excited about all these releases!


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