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Technically Speakin' Mixtape

Thanks so much to everyone who has supported the ‘Technically Speakin’ EP on Bush Records, on it’s first week of release! Here is a special 1 hour mixtape, of Techno tunes, that either helped inspire it, and some of my favourite Techno tracks of the moment. I still like to be very eclectic in my tastes, so still expect Big Beat, House, Funk, Hip-Hop, Acid Skiffle etc in the future. (

Here is some of the fantastic feedback I’ve recieved - "Detroit 54 ripping bum holes open! stunning stuff” Rob Cain “banger” Horatio "nice work on all” Christian Homan "wicked sounds here!” Just Her "Bomb! Thx!” Cerillio "Nice rave nods.” Alex Neri "hank you for the music!” Amare "Dope stuff!” Flash Brothers "Liking, will play and support” Harri " my box” Pedro Winter "Great work, loving Detroit 54!” Spatial Awareness "Nice remix, all solid productions” Gordon Barclay


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